Improve Literacy with Your Cell Phone!

Join Team Sarasota-Manatee

The Adult Literacy XPRIZE Communities Competition (ALXP CC) is offering four free cell phone apps to help improve basic reading and math skills or learn English as a second language.

The ALXP CC Deployment Phase (April through August) has begun and participating teams nationwide have been assigned their own unique referral code for tracking purposes. You may have received some communication from ProLiteracy about their ALXP CC team, but we have formed our own local team as well –

Team Sarasota-Manatee!

Team Sarasota-Manatee is a regional collaboration comprised of The Literacy Council of Sarasota, Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County, and the Manatee Literacy Council in partnership with both the Sarasota and Manatee County Library Systems.

Our unique referral code is 3388. Use these links to download the free apps to a cell phone:

Developer Link

*Learning Upgrade —

People for Words (CODEX) —

*Amrita CREATE —

*Cell-Ed —

Or go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download one of these apps and use code 3388

*also iPhone compatible

Once installed on a cell phone, we ask that you try out the new app at least 3 times on different days to see how it works and let us know what you think! Write to us at:

en español