Welcome to the Tutor/Instructor page!

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How do you become a tutor? It’s simple:

  1. Fill out a tutor registration form by clicking here, and email to info@sarasotaliteracy.org
  2. There is a one-time $25 registration fee to cover the cost of books and materials.
  3. Attend three six-hour ProLiteracy-certified tutor training workshops.
  4. Once trained, you select an adult learner with whom you’ll meet on average 60-90 mins. per week.
  5. A tutor and learner pick the best day and time of the week to meet based on their respective schedules.
  6. Tutors and learners typically meet in a library, community center, or other public place that is convenient to both of them.
  7. Tutors receive ongoing support from LCS staff, who are always available to answer questions, provide resources, troubleshoot, etc.
  8. Questions? Please contact Susan Bergstrom, Program Director, at 941-955-0421, or email at sbergstrom@sarasotaliteracy.org